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" If Obama Want's It - You Should Oppose It "

RL - 20Feb2015



" God Save AMERICA from this Radical Muslim "

A Re-Post of comments by: Arthur Charles Adler - 2010

Barack Mohammed Odinga Hussien Abongo Barry Johnson Soetoro Obama

Who the fu.k do you think you are apologizing and criticizing The United States Of America again in public to that Refried Bean Eater from Mexico. Keep those criminal illegal alien locusts the hell out of my country you treasonous Anti-American two tone half breed bastard! It will be 1000 years before another black person even gets a smell of the White House except to clean the crappers!

You are a dishonor and a disgrace to The United States Of America, our US Constitution, our brave and courageous military, and "We The People"! While you and your Double Watermelon Ass Wife are eating Kobe Beef and flying in chefs at tax payers expense for your state dinners, "We The People" are sucking wind and out of work you miserable PRICK!

You can tell those donkey-humping buck toothed La Raza pricks to go back to the shit hole they came from if they do like it in America whether legal or illegal! Get the fu.k out of America !

Do you have any idea the hate and outrage you have brought down upon yourself since you came on the scene. We know who you are Obama! We know who you are and you will be destroyed one way or the other by the Elements of your Treasonous Behavior!

And be clear, you do not give a shit about "We The People" and our families and we do not give a shit about yours and don't ever forget that!

My sense of the fever pitch in America is that you and those around you are going down hard and soon! You got a taste yesterday!

So Help Us GOD!

Arthur Charles Adler

Christian, Veteran, Patriot, Independent Voter and really pissed off along with 100 million other legal American citizens that are willing to show their birth certificates! - Eagles Nest USA


Importing Terror - Obama Tree Be Dead -Who's Cut Next

Photo below is what happens when you open your borders


"God of My Praise, Don't Remain Silent"

" .... When he is judged, let him come forth guilty, and let his prayer become sin.

Let his days be few; Let another take his office.

Let his children be fatherless and his wife a widow ...."



" Cancers need to be treated with Radiation ... ISLAM and LIV Ignorance ... are two of them "

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